IS-2 Stalin-Berlin,end of April 1945

IS-2 stalin-Berlin_22

Model Specifications
Model:IS-2 Stalin,3rd Guards Tank Army,Berlin,Germany,end of April 1945.
Manufacturer: Zvezda + scratchbuild
Aftermarket:Masterclub tracks,Voyagermodel gun barrel,Aber grilles,Eureka XXL towing cables
Figures: -
Base: -
Painting techniques: Airbrush with acrylics, oils, pigments



Vehicle Specifications
Type: Heavy tank
Place of origin: Soviet Union
Service history
In service: 1943–1970s
Wars: WWII, Hungary, Six Day War, Czechoslovakia
Production history
Designer: Zh. Kotin, N. Dukhov
Designed: 1943
Manufacturer: Kirov Factory, UZTM
Produced: 1943–45 (IS-2)
Number built: 3854
Technical Specifications
Weight: 46 tonnes
Length: 9.90 m
Width: 3.09 m
Height: 2.73 m
Crew: 4
Armor: 30–160 mm
Primary armament: D25-T 122 mm gun (28 rds.)
Secondary armament: 2×DT, 1×DShK machine guns
Engine: 12-cyl. diesel model V-2 600 hp (450 kW)
Power/weight: 13 hp/tonne
Suspension: torsion bar
Fuel capacity: 820 l
Operational range: 240 km
Speed: 37 km/h


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