M4A3 Sherman “Calliope”

M4A3 Sherman Calliope

Model Specifications
Model: M4A3 Sherman with T34 “Calliope” Rocket Launcher, 2nd Platoon, B Co., 714th Tank Bn., 12th Armored Div., France,  1945
Scale: 1:35
Manufacturer: Revell + scratchbuild
Aftermarket: Tamiya vinil tracks
Figures: Dragon + scratchbuild
Base: Scratchbuild
Painting techniques: Airbrush with acrylics, oils, pigments
Author: Bero

Vehicle Specifications
Type: Tank-mounted rocket launcher
Place of origin: United States
Service history
Wars: World War II
Production history
Designed: 1943
Technical Specifications
Primary weapon: 60 × 4.5 in (114 mm) rockets
Secondary weapon: 75mm Anti-Tank gun

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