Minitanks – Jagdpanther Late


Model Specifications
Model: Jagdpanther Late
Scale: 1:87 ( HO )
Manufacturer: TRIDENT (no. 97011)
Aftermarket: scratch build + Eureka XXL towing cables
Figures: -
Base: -
Painting techniques: airbrush with acrylics, oils, pigments
Author: Bero




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  • Juanjo Domínguez

    Hi there! Superb work on this tank killer! Would you be kind enough to let me know the paint brand and colors numbers you used on it? I’m a newbie at afv building and really would like to give a try to this scheme. Thanks in advance.

  • Bero

    Hi Juanjo.

    Thanks for Comment.

    Paints are acrylic Revell Aqua, but I almost never paint with original colors. I always make a mixture that is far more lighter than you would expect.

    Lets say that for green I took mixture of 50% “Olive green (36361)” and 50% “Beige (36314)”.
    For yelow strips you can take only “Beige (36314)”.

    For brown strips you can take mixture of 80% “Reddish brown (36137)” and 20% of “Rust (36183).

    Weathering that followed in later stages made those colors looks enough dark.