KV-1 Heavy Cast Turret


Model Specifications
Model: KV-1, Model 1942 “Heavy Cast Turret”, Kalinin Front, winter of 1943
Scale: 1:48
Manufacturer: Hobby Boss (Product Id: 84813)
Aftermarket: scratch build
Figures: Commander figure from Tamiya kit No. 32521
Base: scratch build
Painting techniques: airbrush with acrylics, oils, pigments
Author: Bero
Model kit sponsored by: Carta Magica
Carta Magica

Inbox review

This model kit represents one of the many versions of soviet heavy tank KV-1. This version, which is produced from November 1941 to May 1942, some sources identify as 1941 version with cast turret, while the kit box says that it is model 1942.
Main characteristic of this version is the combination of massive turret shell, which was completely produced by casting, thick turret top steel plate, all steel spoked road wheels and curved shape of the upper hull rear (early type) and of course, 76mm M1941 ZiS-5 gun. According to many sources on the internet, this model kit, as well as other model kits of the various versions of the KV-1 and KV-2 tanks produced by Hobby Boss, is outstanding and very accurate in dimensions. If you take into account the relatively low price of this model kit then it is definitely a winning combination in 1:48 scale.

My first impressions after detailed review of box contents are generally very positive. Model kit seems to me quite detailed, the parts are very well moulded. Concerning mould seams and pin marks, they unfortunately can not be totally avoided, but they can be engineered to optimize the quality and to pose less of a problem for us modelers. I think that Hobby Boss did the job done very well. Although the metal parts (PE fret for fender holders and copper cable) are included in the box, which is commendable, my biggest remarks to this model are lack of clear styrene for headlight lens and mesh of all grilles moulded in negative. If you do not mind about that, then this kit seems to be perfect for OOB making. Like any model kit, this one also provides opportunities for improvement to those who pay great attention to detailing. This also applies to the refinement of some weld seams and making the casting texture of the turret and mantlet. I believe that during construction of the model I will get some ideas what could be also improved. What is going to be improved exactly, for now I can not predict, but I hope you will see in the next steps.


Before the construction, I decided that I would make KV-1 which participated in Kalinin Front in the winter of 1943. By exploring some references I have concluded that there will be a lot of extra work because I had to make additional fuel tanks and tool boxes. Besides excellent books of KV-1 (see references *) the biggest encouragement I found in a Panzer Aces magazine, issue No. 28, where you can find great Trumpeter’s KV-1 in 1:35 scale, work by Fernando Gonzalez Sanchez. I put many pictures on which you can see mostly everything that I had to modify or redo.





Reference books:
*M. Komoiyet and I. Moshchanskiy, Red Army Tank Camouflage 1930-1945, Exprint Publishing Centre, Moscow 1999
*M Kolomyjec, KW vol. II, Wydawnictwo Militaria, Warszawa 2002
Reference website:
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