T-34/76 Model 1943


Model Specifications

Model: T-34/76, Model 1943, Factory No. 112
Scale: 1:48
Manufacturer: Hobby Boss (Product Id: 84808)
Aftermarket: -
Figures: -
Base: -
Painting techniques: -
Author: niko
Model kit sponsored by: Carta Magica
Carta Magica

Inbox review

Hero of the Great Patriotic War, savior of the Motherland, the best tank of the Second World War …
we can praise more, as many fans do when they talk about this legendary tank. Although the T-34 tank passed an interesting and rich development path, thus creating different versions of the vehicle, it is this version that has played a major role in the liberation of the Soviet Union. This version has participated in all major battles on the Eastern Front from 1943 to 1945, and in the Battle of Kursk it played a major role. The main feature of this version is hexagonal turret with two identical hatches. One for commander and the other one, the very same, for the loader. When the hatches are in opened position, they reveal another distinctive look of this version that German soldiers reminded of Mickey Mouse ears. So it was nicknamed “Mickey Mouse” by German troops. Also many samples of this version was captured and used by German units.
This model kit, which includes impressive 372 parts, has many interesting features such as the complete interior of fighting and engine compartments. Very interesting part is air intake cover which is designed as a pre-made combination of styrene cover and PE mesh. There is also nice copper cable and clear styrene parts for headlight lens.
With so many parts it is easily to be confused but fortunately we have excellent assembly instructions.

Although some small parts are simplified due to scale factor, model kit seems to be very detailed and molded very well. It is for every compliment that with the kit you get a copper cable, clear styrene for headlight lens and pre-made air intake cover made from styrene and PE mesh. But, in my opinion, the main feature of this model kit, as well as other models kits of the various versions of the vehicle T-34 from Hobby Boss is set of parts to build a complete interior. You will hardly find options to build interior of any vehicle in 1:48 scale, especially for such a reasonable price as for this model kit. Whether you want to display a T-34 vehicle with the compete interior, or want to present a destroyed T-34 with internal parts as main point of the model, or do you, as I do, love to make models of captured vehicles in the German Army service (beutepanzer) or you are just a fan of Soviet armor, then this model kit is definitely for you. And if you have, by any chance, some origin from Moldova, then this model is must have for you. :-)

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